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NextOnMarket Project

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NextOnMarket Project. The real trade in a virtual space of the Russian Internet. It is mutually beneficial, comfortable and quaranteed. It is well-known that only with producing attractive conditions for both buyers and customers such trade projects will be successful. The team of NextOn has provides the opportunity to make the private virtual trading space for arranging real trading operations. By now the basic functions are already created and are being developed further. Now the project exists in its beta-version, however that allows both the buyers and the customers to do real business without agents and resellers.

Comfortable for the buyersDue to NextOnMarket project the buyers have received the opportunity to reduce their expenses on advertising and to increase their sales without any investments. They have the unlimited chance to propose their goods to everyone who has the access to the Russian speaking Internet.

The real profit is in finding new business partners and in promoting own company or business to the higher stage. The potential partners can find opinions and reviews about the company and its goods or services. The private page or the company’s page is being produced on NextOnMarket instantly. Both textual and graphic information might be corrected as many time as necessary, there might also be the link to the webpage and pricelists could also be downloaded in many possible formats. To the he special comfort contributes the option to link several trading places to a single account which allows to make the whole trading system.

Profitable for the customers

The new project helps customers to forget about tiring and seldom effective attemts to find the goods or companies via the searching tools. Now to find a good or a profitable proposition it is enough to open the page of NextOnMarket and use its simple and handy search on its homepage. The cloud of the key words and descriptions helps to analyze quickly and to make the right choice. The real comfort is in the tool which allows not only to compare the prices for the goods, but also to do that with the automatic currency switch. The result is that the customers can really find the necessary goods with the detailed description at the optimum prices on the single resource instead of blind believing to the aggressive advertising.

The customers can also use the virtual guidebook for trade centers and to receive the clear understanding about the trading interests of the particular buyer. Moreover, here the customer can read other customers’ commentaries and to add his own opinion. The customer can also place the advert about his intended purchase and to produce a tender.

Thanks to NextOnMarket project the geography of goods prepositions and searching is dramatically broadened without even leaving your home or workplace. The site also allows the exchange of internal messages which is convenient for both buyers and customers.The project NextOnMarket is still being improved and worked on.

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