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In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities. - Janos Arnay

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When you were a child you definitely heard such a phrase from your mom or dad: “No, this is impossible!” But have you ever thought whether it is really so or not? Maybe this is only we who deiced that something is impossible or unreal but in fact this is not so? However, it is also well-know that all of us sometimes dream about something and imagine different happy moments in our life! Have you ever dream about your future life with your soul mate? How have you imagined her? What did you do in your dreams? What did you say to your true lady? Why don’t you want to repeat this in the reality?

People say that our abilities are unlimited! But then, how it is so that we cannot realize or do something. Why? Are there our stereotypes and prejudicialness? Oh, I understand that this is really difficult to discuss but let’s think over it together! Maybe this is high time to get rid of our diffidence and say: “I can do this, because I want to do this!” Don’t you think that this is really easy?

We are the blacksmiths of our fortune and it is up to us to decide about our possibilities. Our dreams are really only ours and while dreaming we first of all can allow ourselves to do everything we wish. But then, what will change when we speak about the real life? Don’t think that really is much more different! Only we can make this decision and achieve our goal.

Love is the best feeling on the Earth. This is a miracle and not all people are blessed to experience it. Writers and composers glorify this amazing feeling. Simple people are ready to do their best to experience it. But what psychologists think about this phenomenon? They say that Love can be different: love-friendship, love-care, love-fight and of course love at first sight. What do you think about this last type? Is it possible?

Have you ever met a person and realized that you loved this person at that very moment, at first sight? Psychologists say that this is impossible because we can fall in love only when we experience some special soul condition. In other words, today, we can impartially pass by a person and then fall in love with him or her just next week!

Of course we know plenty of examples when two people suddenly fell in love at first sigh; we can find these examples in Literature, Cinematography, History but we don’t think that such stories are real! And there are a lot of people who don’t believe in the fact that Amour’s arrows can strike two people simultaneously, but they are mistaken.

Life is unpredictable and we never know when and were we will meet our single one and how your meeting will happen. Maybe, you will realize that you study or work with this person for a long time and then suddenly fall in love or maybe, you will go through the streets and meet a girl who will become your true angel. One never knows. So, it is silly to reject a possibility to fall in love suddenly, without any reasons or preconditions.

But would you like to know some facts about love at first sight?

1. Biologists prove that Love at first sight is the most effective type of this feeling!

2. Men experience it more often than women!

3. Do you know how much time to you need to fall in love? Only 30 seconds!!!

4. Love at first sight more often appears when people are absolutely different. This is why tall men love small women, blonds love brunettes and vice versa!

5. The most important things for love at first sight are appearance, voice and gestures!

Do you want to meet a true and real woman? Do this! Why do you think that this is impossible? Do you want to find your genuine love? The same is here! Just do this and that’s all! Are you handsome, brave and romantic in your dreams? Don’t be afraid to show this in the real life and your lady will be the happiest on the earth. You are you, you are a unique personality with your own unique thoughts, desires and views, so, don’t hide them. Show them to others and you will see that your life will become different at the same moment!

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автор: Иванна
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